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  • Tayslie S

    Phil takes the time to really find where your strengths and weaknesses are and builds your workouts based on YOU and what your goals are.

  • Anil R

    I currently go through a group session at the Strength Warehouse. Phil is very knowledgeable and passionate at what he does. I couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer.

  • Hannah B

    Hiring Phil was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been a satellite client of his for going on two years now and I’ve made so much progress with him

Our testimonials speak for themselves.

personal training for everyone

People don’t realize how amazing their minds and bodies are designed to feel. We want to help you get to a higher quality of life; think better, move better, look better, speak better, sleep better, work and live better!

We‘ll help you discover underlying issues with your health and dial in the basics. Based on your goals, we’ll write an individualized plan for you. No matter which training program you pick, we’ll work together to reach your goals and get results that last.

The gym for you

The Strength Warehouse is a gym for everyone. No matter your skill level, you’ll feel welcome in our environment curated for mental, spiritual and physical growth.

If you are not accessing, you’re guessing. We use research and science to guide your training program. You’ll leave your initial evaluation with a well-defined path to achieve your full health and fitness potential.

The Gym for trainers

Your clients, your gym. Are you a trainer with a passion for fitness, health and strength training? We want to hear from you! You’ll get your own key to the gym and autonomy to run your own business.

The tools you need to succeed. The Strength Warehouse is outfitted with top tier training equipment to maximize results for your clients. Conveniently located in central Austin, come join us in revolutionizing personal training.